South Easten European Forum on Climate change Adaptation

Name: South Easten European Forum on Climate change Adaptation
Acronym: CCA Forum
Country: Albania Bosnia & Herzegovina Croatia Macedonia Montenegro Serbia Turkey Any
Web site:
Start date: //
End date: //
Funding source: International/Bilateral/Multilateral donors
Beneficiary: Researchers Policy-makers SMEs, Citizens
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Leader position:
Leader email:
Leader phone:
Scale: Regional
Activity type: Network
Thematic: CCA
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The idea of the IPA project “SEE Forum on Climate Change Adaptation” has been jointly developed by the Austrian, Croatian, Macedonian and Montenegro Red Cross with the initial main purpose to raise awareness about the humanitarian consequences of climate change in the SEE region. Having considered the global and cross-sectoral impacts of climate change, the concept of a multi-sectoral approach to tackle the issue of climate change has grown and the need for incorporating the social, economic and environmental perspective on climate change has been realized. In cooperation with the Serbian project partner, “Environment Improvement Centre”, the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre in the Hague, the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) and the Institute for Economic Promotion of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, this project shall contribute to an increased participation of Civil Society Organisations (CSO) in national and regional co-operation on climate change adaptation.

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