CB opportunities


Understanding Risk Forum 2016September 28, 2015
Regional Conference for Floods Prevention and Management in Western BalkansDecember 1, 2014
2nd European climate change adaptation conferenceOctober 20, 2014
Targets and indicators for the post – 2015 framework for disaster risk reductionSeptember 29, 2014
2nd meeting of the design team regarding designing of regional multi-hazard early warning system for the Western Balkans and TurkeySeptember 22, 2014
Online database to prevent and manage natural disasters in KosovoSeptember 18, 2014
Final Steering Committee Meeting: Building Resilience to Disasters in the Western Balkans and TurkeySeptember 11, 2014
Regional training on the role of the NMHSs in support of activities in the field of insuranceSeptember 11, 2014
Regional Forum Related to the Design of the Regional Multi-Hazard Early Warning SystemSeptember 11, 2014
PhD Programme in Weather-Related Risk (WRR)May 30, 2014
Rose – The earthquake engineering and engineering seismology programmeMay 30, 2014
Informal conference of SEE NMHS’s Directors (ICSEED)13 th SessionMay 27, 2014
Bringing GEOSS services into practiceMay 26, 2014
Technical Training on Disaster Risk Assessment for UNCTMay 16, 2014
Local Flood Risk Assessments in MontenegroMay 16, 2014
23rd Society for Risk Analysis: Europe conferenceMay 14, 2014
Second European conference on earthquake engineering and seismology (2ECEES)May 14, 2014
Disaster management graduate programMay 14, 2014
Disaster management non-thesis master programMay 14, 2014
Flood loss assessmentMay 12, 2014
Effective and Appropriate Allocation of National Resources in Case of Disasters and Emergencies in the Framework of Integrated Disaster and Emergency Management PrincipleMay 12, 2014
Methods and Contents of Disaster-Awareness Raising Trainings for Vulnerable GroupsMay 12, 2014
Using GIS and other computer simulation tools for Planning Rescue and protection operationsMay 12, 2014
ECO Symposium on Disaster EconomicsMay 12, 2014
lnsurance as a method for Disaster Risk Reduction in SEEMay 12, 2014
6th International Scientific and Professional Conference “CRISIS MANAGEMENT DAYS”May 12, 2014
SEE Regional Knowledge Workshop on HFA Priority 3May 12, 2014
Experiences in Formation of the Civil Protection Units at the National and Local LevelMay 12, 2014
Information systems and the data flow in disaster management in SEE and host country legal considerationsMay 12, 2014
Mass Evacuation and Sheltering of the Emergency Affected PopulationMay 12, 2014
DRR Training of Trainers courseMay 12, 2014
Floods Risk Assessment at the Local Level and The Role of System 112 in the context of DRR through DRMMay 12, 2014
Basic Hot Fire TrainingMay 12, 2014
DRR Training CourseMay 12, 2014
English language course with emphasis on terminology in the field of civil protection/disaster managementMay 12, 2014
Joint Firefighting Unit Refresher TrainingMay 12, 2014
Basic Hot Fire TrainingMay 12, 2014
Cave Rescue TrainingMay 12, 2014
Disaster Risk Reduction Training CourseMay 12, 2014
Joint Emergency Response Unit (JERU) Command, Control and Coordination Course (C3)May 12, 2014
DesInventar in AlbaniaMay 9, 2014