Ministry of Physical Planning

Name: Ministry of Physical Planning
Organization Type: Governmental
Organization Type comment:
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Address: Marka Marulića 2
Town: Sarajevo
Postal Code: nn

Contact Person: nn
Position of Contact Person: nn
Phone Number: + 387 33 726 500
Fax Number: + 387 33 652 743
Web :,en/

Thematic: DRR&CCA
Theme: Land use planning
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Last Update: 25/11/2014

Organization Description

A structural reorganization of ministries was undertaken in accordance with the Law on Federal Ministries and Other Bodies of the Federal Administration with the organizational structure of the Federal Ministry of Physical Planning dating back to 2006. Until then, division of the environment formed an integral part of the Ministry.
The Ministry is responsible for the following core functions: spatial planning in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, land utilization at the federal level, long term planning of natural resource exploitation, preservation and protection of national monuments and areas of the highest natural/ architectural/ cultural/ historical significance.