Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change, Italy

Name: Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change, Italy
Organization Type: Scientific research
Organization Type comment:
Country: Italy
Address: via Augusto Imperatore 16
Town: Lecce
Postal Code: 73100

Contact Person: nn
Position of Contact Person: Administration office
Phone Number: +39 0832 288 650
Fax Number: +39 0832 277 603
Web :

Thematic: DRR&CCA
Theme: Public and Private Partnership
Hazard: Avalanche Cold wave Drought Epidemic & pandemic Flood Heat wave Landslide Storm Surge Tsunami Wilde-fires
Last Update: 25/07/2014

Organization Description

The Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change (CMCC) is a research centre funded by Italy’s Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea, Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, and Ministry of Economy and Finance. Its goal is to promote the acquisition of knowledge in the field of climate variability, including causes and consequences, through the development of high-resolution simulations and impact models.
The mission of the CMCC is to encourage collaboration among universities, national and international research institutions, local institutions and the industrial sector. It produces numerical models, simulations, applications and assessments in the specific field of climate dynamics, climate modelling, climate impacts and policy, and offers high-level training on climate modelling. The CMCC has also established a significant computational facility to support Italian climate numerical simulation research and contribute to capacity building in the Mediterranean region. It disseminates the outputs of its activity to the national scientific community.