Environmental Protection Agency of Montenegro

Name: Environmental Protection Agency of Montenegro
Organization Type: Scientific research
Organization Type comment:
Country: Montenegro
Address: IV Proleterske 19
Town: Podgorica
Postal Code: 81000

Contact Person: nn
Position of Contact Person: Director
Phone Number: +382 20618400
Fax Number: +382 20618371
Email: epamontenegro@gmail.com
Web : http://epa.org.me/

Thematic: CCA
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Last Update: 26/11/2014

Organization Description

Agency for Environmental Protection (Environment Protection Agency of Montenegro - Montenegro EPA) was established by the Decree on amendments to the Regulation on the company functioning of public administration ("Official Gazette", No.68 / 08).
The Agency shall perform professional and related administrative tasks in the field of environmental protection, as follows:
- Environmental Monitoring
- Prepares analyzes and reports
- Issued a license
- Cooperation with relevant national and international bodies and organizations, and the public
- Performs other duties determined by the Environmental Law and special regulations
The Agency shall cooperate with international bodies and organizations of other countries involved in the protection of the environment, and in particular with the European Environment Agency, the International Atomic Energy Agency, participates in the work of professional networks within the European Union, as well as with similar agencies in other countries.