Workshop DesInventar Albania

UNISDR, CIMA Research Foundation and the General Directorate for Civil Emergencies – Ministry of Internal Affairs Republic of Albania- have completed the historical collection of disaster loss data for the entire Albanian territory. Disaster data has been collected by using the DesInventar methodology, a conceptual and methodological tool for the construction of databases of losses, damages and effects caused by emergencies or disasters.
The historical collection of loss data is a concrete example on how disasters data can enhance the understanding of the impacts of disasters and can provide information and knowledge to decision makers. The final results for the historical collection in Albania will be presented at the workshop, that is organized within the DPPI (Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Initiative for SEE) Disaster Management Training Programme for 2014 and represents the Albanian contribution to the programme.

Workshopi final i prezantimit te sistemit DesInventar “Disaster Inventory Management System” dhe prezantimit te inventarit historik mbi demet nga fatkeqesite ne Shqiperi.

Pubblication date: 03/03/2014
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