Obrenovac: Serbia’s flood-hit ‘ghost-town’

The streets are rivers. Most people have left.
Obrenovac, some 30 kilometres southwest of the Serbian capital Belgrade, has been devastated by flooding that has claimed the lives of at least a dozen of its citizens.
Many others have returned to find their homes and belongings in ruins.
Perched on the windowsill of what remains of his house, resident Goran Djordjevic said: “All that I had is lost. We have nothing now. The house is broken.”
While thousands left the town, some elderly residents chose to stay, taking refuge upstairs in their homes.
Rescue workers and volunteers tour the streets, trying to make sure they have enough to eat.
Receiving a welcome bread delivery hoisted up to her window, one elderly woman asked for the time, explaining that she had a clock but no batteries.
Sandbag barriers have been built in desperate efforts to protect Serbia’s biggest power plant which is situated at Obrenovac. It covers roughly half the country’s electricity needs.

Обреновца, око 30 километара југозападно од српске престонице Београда, је уништен поплавама које је однео животе најмање десетак њених грађана.

Pubblication date: 19/05/2014
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