Flood victims refuge in Belgrade stadium

More than 1,000 people in Belgrade, forced to leave their homes because of the flooding, have found refuge in an indoor stadium.
The Belgrade Arena – also known as the Kombank Arena and the biggest in the Serbian capital with a roof – usually hosts basketball, handball or volleyball matches.
Some people have come from outside the city, including from the stricken town of Obrenovac to the southwest, where several people died and there are fears of epidemics.
“My house is at the highest point in Obrenovac, so it’s okay. But all nearby houses are flooded. All you can see are roofs and chimneys,” said one man.
Several hundred volunteers are helping out and there have been many donations.
With a capacity of 20,000, the Arena can cope with the influx of people, for now.
But for many, going home in the foreseeable future is out of the question.
“A concert was scheduled in this arena for next Friday. But now donated clothes have taken the place of the audience,” said Euronews correspondent Andrea Hajagos, reporting from the Kombank Arena.

Више од 1.000 људи у Београду, присиљени да напусте своје домове због поплава, су нашли уточиште у затвореном стадиону.

Pubblication date: 22/05/2014
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