Fear of disease spurs on urgent clean-up in flood-devastated Bosnia

With flood waters beginning to recede in parts of Bosnia a clean-up operation is underway in an attempt to stop the spread of disease from rotting carcasses.
Many of the dead animals had been left locked in pens as their owners only had time to save themselves and family members, such was the speed of the flood waters.
High temperatures are making the stench worse.
Predrag Marinkovic, a member of the Crisis Intervention Team explained what he and his colleagues were up against:
“In this place we have removed lots of livestock. It’s not just dairy cows, it’s bulls as well. There are 200 more animals needing to be removed. The army and the crisis intervention team will help and bring more machines. We’ve got to be quick though, before the decaying process makes it difficult to move them.”
When water surged into this village the residents fled. An estimated 100,000 homes and other buildings are no longer habitable in Bosnia.
According to a government spokesman, the country is going to need billions of euros in aid to return things to normal.

Sa poplava voda počinje povlačiti u dijelovima Bosne čistom-up operacija je u toku, u pokušaju da se zaustavi širenje bolesti od truljenja trupova.
Mnogi od mrtvih životinja je ostao zaključan u olovke samo kao njihovi vlasnici imali vremena za sebe i članove porodice spasiti, kao što je brzina vode poplave.

Pubblication date: 21/05/2014
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