Balkans flood damage costs billions as clear-up operation begins

Volunteers from a German relief agency have begun pumping flood water away from the Bosnian town of Samac.
They are just one of numerous foreign aid teams in the country after the recent unprecedented torrential rain caused what’s been described as a ‘natural cataclysm’.
Experts say the damage in the flood-hit areas of Bosnia is estimated at 1,3 billion euros.
At least 51 people have died across the Balkans. .
Local priest Predrag Markovic has been trying to bring comfort to those made homeless:
“The situation is quite alarming. Even though the attempts to help people and animals have been wonderful, you can’t say the situation is good if people have no electricity and if they are forced out of their homes.”
The flooding has wrecked the main agriculture industry, wiped out infrastructure, buildings and houses.
In Serbia around 3,500 kilometres of roads have been destroyed along with 30 percent of railway lines.
Both counties have already opened negotiations with the EU for financial support.

Volonteri iz njemačkog olakšanje agencije počele pumpanje poplava vode od bosanskog grada Šamca.
Oni su samo jedna od brojnih timova strane pomoći u zemlji nakon nedavnog presedana obilne kiše izazvalo ono što je opisano kao "prirodna kataklizma".
Stručnjaci kažu da je šteta u područjima pogođena poplavama Bosne procjenjuje se na 1,3 milijardi eura.

Pubblication date: 22/05/2014
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