Topics geo natural catastrophes 2015: analyses, assessments, positions

This 2015 issue presents events, analyses and trends of natural disasters in 2015, including features on the Nepal earthquake, wildfires in California, climate insurance, and severe thunderstorms in Europe. The publication provides the facts and figures behind the year’s events and analyses the processes that caused them.

The report asserts the earth is hotting up: 2015 saw the highest global mean temperatures ever recorded. Despite the fluctuations in individual years, it is clear that the long-term upward trend is continuing and climate change is not expected to let up any time soon. The report also notes the major impact of El Niño on many weather-related losses.

Source: MunichRE
Pubblication Date: 01/04/2016
Theme: Disaster Risk and Risk transfer, Risk identification and assessment, Loss accounting,
Country: Turkey,
Hazard: Earthquake, Storm Surge, Wilde-fires,
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