The needs for advanced seismic hazard assessment

The paper is presenting the main needs for reevaluation of seismic hazard for the Republic of Macedonia. To
achieve stated objectives, a profound review and reanalysis of all available data has been performed, or is in
process, to reliably verify and/or redefine: (1) seismotectonic characteristics of the source zones; (2) adopt
alternative recurrence relationships for identified seismic sources; (3) elaboration of adequate seismicity models
with adequate, geologic condition dependent weighting factors; (4) adoption and testing of different ground
motion prediction (GMP) models; and (5) implementation of GIS technology at all steps of the analyses

Source: Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology
Pubblication Date: //
Theme: Risk identification and assessment,
Country: Macedonia,
Hazard: Earthquake,
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