The adaptation advantage: the economic benefits of preparing small-scale farmers for climate change

The case studies included in this paper represent the diverse situations in which environmental or climate-related problems pose a challenge to human development. The five selected rural development projects examine a range of adaptation activities that are geared to reduce risks from specific climate hazards, from flood protection in the Haor Delta of Bangladesh, to coping with extreme heat and aridity in the Bolivian highlands, and Turkey, where the introduction of slope stabilisation methods helps communities escape the brunt of floods and landslides. They demonstrate that it is possible to quantify the benefits that arise from adaptation investments in economic and financial terms.

Source: Preventionweb
Pubblication Date: 30/11/2013
Theme: Best practices, Methodologies & Guidelines,
Country: Turkey,
Hazard: Cold wave, Drought, Flood, Heat wave, Wilde-fires,
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