Presentation on the national platform of the Republic of Macedonia for disaster risk reduction

This document presents the National Platform of the Republic of Macedonia for Disaster Risk Reduction, as revised by the governmental steering committee of the DRR on 19 November 2009:
- Timeline & Stakeholders
- Advisory Councils
- Managing Structure
- Specialized Platforms
- Thematic Working Groups
- Political, Coordinative & Operational Levels of the NP DRR
- Local & Regional Positioning of the NP DRR
- International Networking
- Process of Adoption of National Doctrine, Strategies, Policies & Legislation
- Development of Methodologies, Assessments, Scenarios, Plans & S.O.Ps
- Exercising, Gaming & Simulations Concept
- Risk Levels
- Emergency / Crisis Evaluation Scale
- Process of Activation of the NP DRR
- Timeframe of Future Developments

Source: Preventionweb
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Theme: Policy, plan and legislation, Best practices, Methodologies & Guidelines,
Country: Macedonia,
Hazard: Avalanche, Cold wave, Drought, Earthquake, Epidemic & pandemic, Flood, Heat wave, Landslide, Nuclear, bacteriological and Chemical, Storm Surge, Technological Disasters, Tsunami, Wilde-fires, Any,
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