National earthquake strategy and action plan 2012-2023 (NESAP 2012-2023)

A nation-wide earthquake strategy and action plan prepared under coordination of DEMP’s Earthquake Advisory Council representatives from an array of public agencies active in the area, academicians and practitioners, described as an "achievement of new earthquake-resilient, safe, well prepared and sustainable settlements so that the physical, economic, social, environmental and political harms and losses that may be engendered by earthquakes are prevented, or their effects reduced."

The document aims to reduce the earthquake risk and enable a society that is prepared against this form of hazard through examining the institutional framework for this objective and establish the priorities of the research and development programs on the subject. The strategy document is formed along three principal themes, seven objectives, 29 strategies and 87 action items for which 13 responsible agencies have been designated for implementing the cooperative work.

Source: Preventionweb
Pubblication Date: 30/04/2012
Theme: Policy, plan and legislation, Community based DRR & social Resilience, Land use planning,
Country: Turkey,
Hazard: Earthquake,
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