Innovation in Disaster Risk Financing for Developing Countries: Public and Private Contributions

Innovation in disaster risk financing and insurance is occurring at all scopes: risk transfer for governments and sovereign entities, private non-life catastrophe insurance markets for homeowners, agricultural insurance for farmers and herders, and disaster microinsurance for low-income populations. Furthermore, innovation is happening on a variety of fronts in the field of disaster risk financing and insurance – product development, disaster risk assessment and sharing, and delivery channels to name a few – that interact to produce new solutions. These innovations, through public-private partnerships, can foster the development of risk market infrastructure in developing countries, which are essential to ensure the emergence of cost-effective disaster risk financing and insurance solutions from sovereign entities to households.

Source: World Bank
Pubblication Date: 30/03/2011
Theme: Disaster Risk and Risk transfer,
Country: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Any,
Hazard: Avalanche, Cold wave, Drought, Earthquake, Epidemic & pandemic, Flood, Heat wave, Landslide, Nuclear, bacteriological and Chemical, Storm Surge, Technological Disasters, Tsunami, Wilde-fires, Any,
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