IFRCC report on the situation of the 16/9/2014 floods in Serbia

Massive rainfalls in the eastern parts of Serbia have caused major problems in the municipalities of Kladovo, Majdanpek and Negotin, where a state of
emergency was declared on 16 September 2014, with the effort to save people`s lives and to reach those villages that are cut off. The floods have caused one death, at least three people are reported as missing, and some 400 people have been evacuated by police and civil protection rescue teams with vessels and helicopters and are temporarily sheltered in Kladovo. Landslides divided the village of Tekija into two parts, and rescuers are trying to break through the layers of soil with bulldozers. Hundreds of households have been destroyed and buried under mud. In the partially destroyed houses, the pumping out of water and clearing of mud and debris is still continuing. In Grabovica (another village in the Kladovo municipality), there are at least 400 houses flooded and damaged.

Source: Relief Web
Pubblication Date: 24/09/2014
Theme: Community based DRR and SOCIAL IMPACT and Resilience, Disaster recovery,
Country: Serbia,
Hazard: Flood,
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