Analysis of the interviews with local stakeholders and the local planning documents

Research projects on climate change generally used to lack the social side of the issue as an aspect of analysis, although society plays a crucial role as it causes and also suffers from the effects of this complex natural phenomenon. SEERISK
goes beyond the usual physical interpretation by taking the viewpoint of communities, institutions (disaster management among others), which need to relate to the potential and palpable consequences of transformation in climatic conditions. As environment and society are both immediate sufferers of the climate change impacts it became inevitable to take on board the social aspects too. SEERISK belongs to another generation of research programmes regarding climate change as a complex issue and this approach contributes to the novelty of the project.

Source: Joint Disaster Management Risk Assessment and Preparedness in the Danube Macro-region (SEERISK) project
Pubblication Date: 22/11/2013
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Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia,
Hazard: Avalanche, Cold wave, Drought, Epidemic & pandemic, Flood, Heat wave, Landslide, Storm Surge, Tsunami, Wilde-fires,
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