National Platform


Presentation on the national platform of the Republic of Macedonia for disaster risk reduction
The foundations of the National Platform for DRR can be traced in the national conceptual and strategic documents, most especially the National Conception for Security and Defense and the National Security Strategy, as well as the Law on Crisis Management; this law established the Crisis Management System, which aims to provide continuous consultations and high-level decision making, maximal coordination, timely response, efficient and appropriate utilization of available capabilities and resources in the event of a crisis, as well as timely, quality-based and real assessment of the risks and threats to the security of the country.
In December 2007, the process of establishing the National Platform began with the initial networking of stakeholders dealing with prevention and management of accidents and disasters. This networking established cooperation among all stakeholders in the country dealing with crisis management. Until March 2009, a number of cooperation memorandums were signed with all ministries, governmental agencies, municipalities, public enterprises and services, NGOs, academic institutions, universities, research centers and laboratories, as well as with the business community and religious communities. As a result, the National Laboratory Network and the National Network of Experts were launched as part of the National Platform.

The Government, on its session held on 21 April 2009, officially declared the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction. Therefore, a political impetus has been given, guarantying the Platform’s national ownership and leadership of the disaster risk reduction process.

The National Platform is organized on the following interconnected and interdependent levels:

  • Political
  • Administrative
  • Expert
  • Operative

From a territorial point of view, the National Platform is organized on national and local levels. However, when threats surpass municipal boundaries, the establishment of regional structures covering several municipalities is anticipated. This corresponds with the regional organization of other relevant governmental structures, such as the police.
Interconnecting all levels is the National Coordinator for Implementation of the NP DRR.
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National Platform Focal Point:
Crisis Management Center (CMC)
Website: http://www.cuk.gov.mk
Contact: Director
Phone: +389 2 3249 101