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The FYR of Macedonia’s Civil Protection system includes the following bodies and activities: State authorities; local self-government units; public institutions and organizations; private companies; protection and rescue services covering the population and property in the event of war, other military threats or military calamities, and disasters caused by natural hazards; mitigation of the consequences arising from these events; and preparedness and participation of civilians.
Two main institutions are part of the system: Crisis Management Centre and Protection and Rescue Directorate:

At Ministerial level
The protection and rescue from natural disasters and other disasters is realized by the state authorities in accordance with laws and other regulations that define their responsibilities.
The state authority institutions are responsible for realization of measures for prevention and mitigation of consequences caused by natural disasters and other disasters in their area of responsibility.
The measures for prevention and mitigation that are to be taken by the state authorities are developed in more details within the National Plan for protection and rescue.

At ministerial level the Central State Administration Authorities within the framework of their scope of activity and competency stipulated by law ensure the efficient functioning of protection and rescue systems, and especially:

  • For their own needs, plan and secure resources and equipment for protection and rescue needs.
  • Draft and forward a threat assessment to the PRD in the segment applying to the region of their competency.
  • Are obliged to secure an appropriate competence level of workers and must undertake measures and activities necessary for efficiently carrying out the services of a central state government authority in disaster and major accident situations.
  • Also carry out other duties stipulated by law.

The heads of Central State Administration Authorities are responsible for implementing the provisions of the Act on the Structure and Scope of Activity of the Central State Administration Authorities which apply to the obligations of state government authorities, and especially for:

  • Timely preparation and giving information to the PRD about the importance of protection and rescue.
  • Timely and expertly carrying out duties which are within their competency and are directly related with protection and rescue.
  • Determining legal persons in the region of competency of the Central State Administration Authority participating in protection and rescue.
  • Timely and expertly conducting other protection and rescue duties determined by the law and other legislation.

Inter agency coordination, levels of command and control
In particular the Law on Protection and Rescue indicates how responsibilities are divided between the participants in protection and rescue activities, including the State, local authorities, private companies, and public enterprises, facilities and services. The law regulates the division of responsibilities in accord with the provisions in the Local Self-Government Law which devolve obligations of protection and rescue to municipalities.
The law also determines in detail the responsibilities of the Protection and Rescue Directorate, as an independent State authority, in the conduct of protection and rescue activities.