Legal & Institutional Framework


Civil Protection is perceived in Croatia in terms of a system of ‘protection and rescue’ and it is the legal responsibility of the Government to ensure its proper functioning and management.
The new Law of Protection and Rescue states that citizens are required to implement measures of personal and mutual protection against threats and the consequences of disasters, based on the principle of solidarity and mutual help. Moreover, each citizen has the right and obligation to be trained in protection and rescue and has the right to receive full and timely information about all threats of disasters, as well as possibilities, measures and activities for protection.

Before the adoption in 2005 of the law addressing protection and rescue activities the work of the Civil Protection services in the Republic of Croatia were controlled by a number of separate laws and regulations.
The controls established the basic goals and objectives, the area of intervention, the methodology and the contents of plans relating to protection and rescue, and operational regulations for organizing Civil Protection. These laws and regulations were largely superseded by the Law of Rescue and Protection, which was promulgated in 2004 and came into force in 2005.

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