International assistance and cooperation


The Protection and Rescue Law gives overall responsibility to the Government and to the DUZS when international assistance is needed or requested in major accidents and disasters. According to the Law, the DUZS Director suggests to the Government what international assistance is needed or requested and suggests the type and quantity of international assistance. In case of immediate need, the DUZS Director has the right to make decisions without prior approval by the Government.
The DUZS Director is head of the National Protection and Rescue HQ which is established to command and coordinate protection and rescue forces in case of a major accident or disaster in the Republic of Croatia.
A Decree was drafted on how to receive and send urgent assistance in case of a demanding emergency situation in accordance with the Protection and Rescue Law. The Decree defines the responsibilities of the DUZS, the Border Police and Customs when international assistance is crossing the Croatian state border and the coordination between these authorities.
To facilitate coordination and communication among the DUZS, the Border Police, Customs, the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Standard Operating
Procedures (SOP) were drafted. SOP defines the obligations of the above mentioned authorities and communication and coordination procedures.
The Republic of Croatia works closely with NATO Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre (NATO-EADRCC) and participates in the EU Community Mechanism for Civil Protection.