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At National level
In the field of protection and rescue, Ministry of Security is authorized for implementation of international commitments and cooperation in carrying out civil protection, coordinating activities of the Entity Civil Protections in BiH, and coordinating their plans in the event of natural or other disasters that affect the territory of BiH, and passing programs and plans for protection and rescue.
Civil Protection Sector was established within the Ministry of Security in 2004 (Civil Protection Sector transformed into Protection and Rescue Sector in 2008, following Framework Law on Protection and Rescue in BiH).

At Ministerial level
Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina is authorized for the protection of international borders, internal border crossings and regulation of traffic at the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina, preventing and detecting executors of criminal acts of terrorism, drug trafficking, counterfeiting domestic and foreign currency and human trafficking and other crimes with an international or inter-entity element, international cooperation in all areas within the jurisdiction of the Ministry. Ministry of Security is also responsible for the protection of persons and objects, the collection and use of data of importance for the safety of BiH; organization and coordination of activities of the Entity Ministries of Interior and Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina to exercise safety tasks in the interest of BiH. Ministry of Security of pursuing policies of immigration and asylum Bosnia and procedures governing the movement and stay of foreigners in BiH, and finally protection and rescue of people and material goods in case of natural or other disasters.

Inter ministerial cross cutting coordination
Civil–military cooperation and coordination is performed between the Ministry of Security and the Ministry of Defence.

Inter agency coordination, levels of command and control
In line with the Framework Law, coordination is management function at the state level:
Coordination is performed by:
No disasters = Ministry of Security BH – Protection and Rescue Sector
In case of hazards//threats or occurred disasters = Council of Ministers BH, through BH Coordination Body for PR (professional and operational body of the Council of Ministers BH, article 16, 17 of the Framework Law);
In the Entities and BD the function of management, coordination and control is run by:
Regular activities – Administrations and CP services (and trustees);
Extraordinary measures and activities – CP Headquarters and trustees (Headquarter Head for the Government/Deputy Prime Minister)