Institutional Framework


Emergency Management Agency
Mission of the Emergency Management Agency.
The Agency’s mission is to support citizens and first recovery teams to ensure that they work as a body, for the purpose of developing, maintaining and enhancing our capacity to prepare, protect, respond, and recover from all possible risks, whether they natural or man-made.

EMA will:

  • advice regarding rates and construction management of urban and non-urban spaces;
  • teach people how to cope with disasters;
  • help build and equip local and national emergency preparedness;
  • coordinate response to disasters;
  • make available assistance to municipalities, communities, businesses and individuals in cases of disasters;
  • train emergency managers;
  • support the fire service; and
  • manage the entire duration of the disaster cycle.

Note: The duration of the disaster cycle is the process through which emergency managers prepare for emergencies and disasters, respond to them when they occur, help people and institutions recover quickly from them, mitigate their harmful effects, reduces the risk of losses and prevent the occurrence future disasters.

Figure 1 – The structure of the Emergency Management Agency – source Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kosovo.